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"Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" by Jenny Bayliss Book Review

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Book Review

I listened to Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Jenny Bayliss on audible, and the narrator was amazing! She gets a 5 star rating for her performance. However, there's a lot that was left to be desirable. So, here's my book review so you don't get caught in a bad situation.

I didn’t see any warnings on this book, so let me warn you that a friend takes their life and it is mentioned throughout the book.

With that being said, despite it not being in the description, I thought it was handled fairly well. Showing the loss that occurs after someone leaves you unexpectedly.

However, I picked up this book because of the cover and the blurb, only to find out that the inside doesn’t quite match exactly….

I loved 12 DATES FOR CHRISTMAS, but this is not the holiday read you expect to read based on the outside of the book. It was heavily focused on grudges (Intentional or unintentionally) carried on through adulthood between the haves and the have nots, with Nori stuck in the middle.

This is a closed door romance, but they mention a kissing scene that was so closed door it wasn’t even shared with the readers! Honestly, I listened to several chapters 4 times and checked the paperback! The whole title is about meeting under the mistletoe, but there was no scene mentioning it until the very end!

Someone edited the crap out of this poor book, taking out vital scenes that made it a romance story! I hope they are not given anymore, because as a hopeless romantic, this poor book was robbed out of being a good one.

I gave it so many chances that I spent just as much time looking for things they referenced but weren’t revealed to the reader! It left me heartbroken when it shouldn’t have, like a cruel joke that had people laughing at you several years later.

I am going to give it 3 ⭐️, because it did have some good parts to it. I actually hope someone else looks at it and redoes it, so the whole story can be told like it’s intended to be. 🥺

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