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"The Secrets That Shape Us" By WL Brooks Book Review

The Secret that Shape Us Book Cover

It’s hard to leave me speechless…😂🤨 However, that’s exactly what @w.l.brooks has done, again! Here's my book review....

Y’all know how much I love my @norarobertsauthor, but W.L. Brooks is Nora’s talent with not NEARLY enough recognition!

The Secrets that Shape Us is book 2 in her McKay series, and once again I didn’t see what was coming. (And you know how difficult that is to do!) It’s time to find out more about the oldest daughter, Casey, and gain another piece of a puzzle that is turning out to be much bigger than I realized! Yet, I have to force myself to hit pause and use it as my reward for finishing my own edits….

A secret far too big to handle forces Casey to leave behind her beloved hometown and never look back. Well, until private detective, Ryan Keller, is sent to track her down. Unable to resist her or her need for help, it forces both of them into a plan to destroy the McKay sisters for good….Casey must face a longtime forgotten foe and the secrets that shaped her.

Two in, and it’s impossible to even pick a favorite at this point! Don’t miss out on this underrated epic read!


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