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Stormi Lewis' Biography

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Multi-published international paranormal thriller author...


former dancer and nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter, mental health advocate, moonlighting cat whisperer, hopeless romantic-forever book obsessed

Through years of personal experience and introspection, I have acquired a unique set of coping strategies to manage my own mental illness and chronic pain. While I do not hold any medical certification or license, my extensive knowledge and deep understanding of these conditions has enabled me to share my story with others who may be struggling with similar challenges. It has also allowed me to create fictional characters that can provide representation for those that aren't usually represented.


As an author, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my personal story through my writing. While the characters in my book series, the Sophie Lee Saga, do not specifically identify as bipolar, I have taken a creative license to explore elements of mental health and my journey with the condition in a fictional context. I'm excited to incorporate bipolar protagonists into some of my future novels and contributing to a greater representation and inclusivity in the literary world.


As a self-published author, I have adapted to changing times to ensure that all parties involved benefit. My success on TikTok, where I have garnered a following for fulfilling booktoker's requests in my novels, is evident in my extensive spreadsheet of over two hundred and counting applications. As an indie author, I understand the value of "packaging" and have successfully sold my book in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany without the aid of a traditional publishing company.

I am a friendly mix of creative, personable, and reliable, with a hint of madness to see the world extraordinarily. Some only have one strength. I am the whole package, with the ability to understand people's thinking and feelings that drive their ultimate decisions on a level most can't touch. It's the blessing of being bipolar with chronic anxiety. Getting to the point and not losing people's attention is a gift built from years of dealing with ADHD before it was acceptable to be labeled in school.

My books even carry the themes of family being more than just blood, and our loved ones truly never leaving us. Even in death... That's because I understand the importance of connection with others, and my 8 years of ASL interpreting only enhanced the importance of clarity in communication.

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