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Breaking the Stigma on Mental Illness and Chronic Pain

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While I Work From Home Doing What I Love – Writing


Our minds are a sacred place that requires nurturing and care, just like any other part of our body. Unfortunately, too many people cannot recognize the significance of mental health until it's too late, leading to potential breakdowns and other serious consequences.

My name is Stormi Lewis-founder of Chasing Stormi LLC, mental health advocate and writer of paranormal thrillers, horror short stories, a rom-com, and psychological thrillers. I understand firsthand the toll that mental health issues can take on a person, so I'm committed to alleviate these problems and fostering a welcoming community for everyone.

More Details About Me

I'm a passionate writer, driven to create a haven for readers and authors alike. Everyone deserves a place to go to on their darkest days, and my goal is to build that space.

Due to my bipolar disorder, ADHD, severe anxiety, and chronic hemiplegic migraines, working in a traditional setting has become increasingly challenging. That's why I'm determined to make a living by writing from the comfort of my home, allowing me to continue doing what I love until I can no longer do so.

My vision for this safe space is to offer readers an escape through my writing and giving back to the mental health community. That's why I plan to partake in fundraising events for Bring Change to Mind, an organization dedicated to fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness.

I have many exciting projects in mind, from more paranormal thriller series to a rom-com book and more.

As I continue this journey, I hope to eventually build a team to support me when I struggle with my health. With your help, I can make my dream a reality and create a welcoming community for all.

My Future Plans:

  • Write Full Time: Imagine being able to write full-time while taking care of your mental & physical health on your terms. That's my dream! I'll achieve that goal by setting my own deadlines and making my writing a priority.

  • Host In-Person Retreats: Let's talk about fun and exciting adventures for writers & readers! I plan to host in-person retreats where we can come together, share-ideas, and create new stories. And it's not just about writing...we'll have fun reader excursions too! Plus, we'll hold a yearly fundraiser event to support Bring Change to Mind-a non-profit mental health organization that helps break the stigma around mental health.

Let's make a difference together!

Thanks a Ton!

By becoming a patron, you'll not only get kickass paranormal thriller and other writing content, but you will also help a person suffering from mental illness achieve her lifetime passions...helping and writing for the amusement of an audience. For that, I extend gratitude for your support.

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