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The Key (2021)  

A Novel 

Sophie has been running her whole life from her past, and the man who wants to use her as his own ultimate assassin. Yet, saving a stranger will cost her precious memories. Memories that can save her new found family and the world.

The Key Book Cover Photo

The Protector (2021)

A Novel

Sophie and her found family are giving the man with the cane a run for his money, as they fight to figure out the true origins of Sophie's gifts. But will knowing the truth help her or hinder her?....

The Protector Book Cover Photo

Dead Draw (2021)

A Novel

Algos will have Sophie. One way or another. Even if that means invading the dream realm to do it. But will Sophie be able to find balance and play his final chess game to save all the people she loves? Or will evil win for good this time?...

Dead Draw Book Cover Photo

Birth of the Legend (2023)

A Novel 

An unknown prophecy will come to life as a new raven awakes. Another psychopath will finally take her place on the chessboard, along with some other new players for each side. However, which side will survive once the legend is born?...

Birth of the Legend Book Cover Photo
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