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Fate vs Foe (2024)

A Novella

The war started long before Sophie and her friends were involved, but by who? Fate vs Foe is a collection of short stories about some characters you love, and others you love to hate. Find out what started the war between good and evil, and how Fate took matters into her own hands to give good the upper hand it needed....

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Family of Blood (Coming Soon)

A Novella

This collection of short stories covers the family members that we don't get to of blood. With Sophie, that's a mixture of psychopaths, witches, dreamwalkers, and more! Learn more about the characters you love, and the ones you love to hate.

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Coming Soon...

Family of Love (Coming Soon)

A Novella

Sophie didn't get to choose who her family members were, until now...Learn more about the people who became her found family when a psychopath took everyone she loved away. This novella is a collection of short stories of the family Sophie chose to help her win the war....

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Coming Soon....

Family of Fate (Coming Soon)

A Novella 

The last collection of family short stories include stories about the characters Fate chose herself to help Sophie in the last war between good and evil. Who did karma choose to face the greatest evil of all?...


Coming Soon...

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