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"Jed Had to Die" Book Review

Jed Had to Die Book Cover

          I'm not sure murder has ever been quite so funny since Clue! If you're a fan of the Dixie Chick's "Earl Had to Die" then you will definitely love this book! You find out early on that Jed is the mayor of Bald Knob, who happens to secretly beat his wife. Although Payton has absolutely no desire to go back to the town that she ran away from 12 years ago, she leaves her coffee shop, Liquid Crack, when she's called as an emergency contact for an estranged childhood friend, Emma Jo. (Jed's wife)

          It's bad enough that she's forced to go to a town she despises, but the hot guy turns out to be the scrawny boy that always had a crush on her growing up, and is now the sheriff to solve a murder that she may or may not have done. And constantly picturing him naked and having his way with her isn't helping her to keep her secrets safe. How is falling in love going to keep her friend safe? From poisoned blue berry pies, to a dead mayor in the backyard, being tased by the cops, sacrificial raccoons, a yippy dog peeing all over you, and a town already declaring you the murderer, it will be hard convincing everyone that...Jed had to die.

          The character development was significant. Although the police interviews being interjected throughout the book, sometimes preluding to future contents, took some getting used to it, it gave great insight into the characters and what everyone assumed happened versus what actually did. The curse of living in such a small town. Everyone is all about being up in your business! Whether it's true or not.

          I laughed out loud often throughout this book. And the hot sheriff is definitely a highlight for any woman! I absolutely loved the strength that Emma Jo finds being surrounded by great friends, how blunt and "helpful" Bettie is, and that Payton is as bad at babbling as I am! But there's no problem some good friends and wine that can't be solved!

          I highly recommend Jed Had to Die as a great comedic mystery mixed with some great passionate love scenes mixed in. And who can't relate to that nosey neighbor and the mother that declares you a horrible daughter for trying to live your own life?

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