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"Write Next Door" by April Berry Book Review

Write Next Door Book Cover

April Berry is the author responsible for the increase of sales in woman's undergarments. Panties, to be specific! And when I saw this book get released, I knew it I had to have it immediately! But before you get your own panties in a bunch, I can tell you, you don't need to be an author to appreciate the drive and struggle of Layla in this epic romcom. Here's my book review....

It's true that Layla is fighting the good fight of surviving as an author in New York city. She also lives right next door to a yummy voice narrator/actor who seems to have a revolving door of model looking women. So, the eye candy is great for when Layla needs some inspiration to get serviced by BOB. Layla doesn't have time for a relationship anyway, while she pushes to get that much needed USA Today Bestseller title in order to help her sell more books. However, this anthology is becoming a nightmare, and she needs Henry's help to pull it off. Henry helps her do neighborly things when needed, and she tries to return the favor from time to time, so making a couple of steamy Tiktok readings of her book shouldn't be too much to ask, right?

Only what happens when the two people who keep telling themselves they don't need anyone realize that they can't stop obsessing about the other, and get complicated feelings that could make being right next door tricky if things go wrong? You get Write Next Door!

I spent two nights reading this book. I would have easily finished it in a single night if my meds hadn't kicked in, forcing me to put it down before slipped into a coma I dreamt about Layla and Henry and eagerly awaited getting off work so I could finish it! I messaged April Berry often to let her know just how much this book gave me faith in my own dreams, and finding a love like Henry even though no one is living next door at the moment...

I loved this book so much that it's my current favorite 5 star read of 2022! I couldn't put it down! Plus, I was still obsessing about Henry several days later, wondering how I can get a Henry to move next door to me! A friend keeps saying how Henry gives you the Paul Rudd feels, and it's so true! You will laugh, cry, get frustrated, and need to make a run to Target while reading this book, so prepare yourself, Bestie. This is a MUST HAVE for your bookshelf!

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