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"Let The Dead Lie" by WL Brooks Book Review

Let the Dead Lie Book Cover

It is difficult to surprise me in guessing a "who done it" kind of book, but W.L. Brooks did just that with Let the Dead Lie! I was listening to the amazing narrator on audible, and only put the book down in order to work and sleep! If I didn't have to do either of those things, I would have finished this book in less than 24 hours, because it's an "up all night pager turner" kind of read/listen! A 5 star must experience! Here is my book review....

Emmit McKay likes to keep things in order after becoming a widower with four adopted daughters who give him a run for his money with their orneriness. Not even this former FBI sharpshooter can prepare for what's coming to his small town. Especially when it comes to Savannah Walker.

Miss Walker is the new principal at the McKay girls' school, but not even her master's degree and ability to handle anything thrown at her would have her prepared for falling in love with the daughters of the handsome hardware store owner. However, the closer they become, the more dangerous the stakes become when a murderer is hiding amongst them putting everyone in danger.

When I say Brooks wrote this on a Nora Roberts level of writing, it's no lie! This was such a well-written story, but is highly underrated. It will hook you within the first couple of chapters, and fall in love with the McKay daughters just as much as Savannah does! Fletcher is my personal favorite, but it's impossible not to love them all. You won't see what's coming when it comes to the reveal of the murderer. If you want an epic read, then this series is definitely a Must Have! Run and get it today!

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