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Stormi Lewis

Multi-published International Author

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Support Stormi's creative journey by donating to Chasing Stormi LLC, where every contribution helps to create captivating stories and epic items for her dedicated readers. Join us in fueling Stormi's passion and bringing her imaginative world to life.

New Release

Birth of the Legend (2023)

People are getting taken out in shocking and mysterious ways, and their only connection is being a part of booktok. However, a secret society known only as the Guild knows the actual truth. The legend they vowed to protect has come to life, but as the Guild's corruption threatens to consume the realms with pure evil as Claudia’s plan develops, the only hope is for the few members left to survive the ultimate battle.

Will they find the raven in time to save the realms, or will the legend they were sworn to protect destroy them? The legend is now in motion, and the only question is: Who will survive?


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Family is more than bloodlines and inheritance. It is love and effort that truly create the strong bond that lasts. Not through fear or power, but love. Pick up the Sophie Lee saga today you will be on the edge of your seat from page one. The line between good and evil gets blurry from time to time but no matter the side, love is stronger than evil, stronger than death, the only reason life goes on at all.

"Stormi Lewis has created a heroine you can believe in and that you want to root for. From the first fight to the twist I am firmly team Sophie Lee.” Audible Review

Praise & Reviews

I’ve read a lot of paranormal books over the years and this one has a very unique approach to the genre. It has many interesting twists and turns. I can’t wait to find out just what plans the man with the cane are and how he was able to sense Sophie’s abilities when she was a child. Now I’m off to read the other books in the series. Stormi thanks for such a wonderful book and start to what I’m sure is a wonderful series.

"Oh my! Stormi Lewis and her lovely Sophie have done it again. She had me losing sleep just because I just needed to know what happened next," 

Goodreads Review

The action in this story carries you away with it. Sophie is a character that you fall in love with right away and keep on rooting for her to win. I love how the relationship between Sophie and James continues to grow as they try to figure out who the man with the cane is. Ben and Tina are also a great couple and I love how they help Sophie.

Stormi you have worked some serious magic, and I am here for it!!! I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

Audible Review

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About Stormi Lewis

Stormi Lewis, a resident of Kansas City, MO, is a multifaceted individual who has led an extraordinary life. She has served as a cocktail server/bartender, professional ballerina/tapper/jazz and contemporary dancer, American Sign Language interpreter, business manager/marketer, and Lincoln concierge, amongst other roles. Her diverse experiences have led to the accumulation of fascinating stories, resulting in her becoming a multi-published author in the nonfiction bibliography genre. However, a story that she created during her middle school years still demanded to be told, and thus, the Sophie Lee Saga was born. If you wish to be informed about the release of Stormi’s next book, please visit to subscribe to notifications.

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