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Writing an Epic Battle Scene for a Paranormal Thriller Saga

Dead Draw: Book Three of the Sophie Lee Saga


By the time I got to writing DEAD DRAW, Book Three of the Sophie Lee Paranormal Thriller Saga, Nana was going into hospice with having only days instead of the months they were telling us. The story went silent as I did everything to make her last days as comfortable as possible. She was gone on Monday after Mother's Day, and THE PROTECTOR, Book Two of the Sophie Lee Paranormal Thriller Saga, released that Friday.

I knew at the end of THE PROTECTOR that there would be three battle fields in DEAD DRAW. I knew Algos would breakthrough into the dream realm, and try to take over Sophie. However, I didn't have a way to stop him even if I wanted to. It was a part of the story that stumped me and had me frustrated to no end.

So, after I squeezed her hand for the last time, and told her we would be okay without her, I headed home and cried myself to sleep. Then I got a text message shortly after saying she was gone. My time was up. No light would ever shine again, and my heart would have a permanent hole in it.

The next day I returned to my parent's house. Her body was already gone, and my parents were heading to the funeral home. Her bedroom door was closed, but I knew I had to make myself go in. So, I opened it.

I thought it would be cold and empty. Like I felt. But instead, the room was full of warmth that I did not expect. I sat down in the rocking chair and closed my eyes to soak it in. And for the first time in weeks, I saw exactly what would save Sophie and keep Algos out of the dream realm. A grandmother's love. But who was she? Who would marry a psychopath and have children with him?!

I can't tell you how many times nana would say that family would come first, and no one messed with her family. Even until she lost the ability to speak all together. I couldn't believe that I never saw her stepping up when no one knew who she was or what she truly was capable of! And then I had to laugh, because I got my, "Now, get on it little girl", from my most favorite person on the planet and never stopped again until the story was complete.

I got nervous that people would think the story had gone off the rails, but just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to stop a psychopath from killing one. So, why Firestarter by Stephen King?

That is one of my personal favorites of his that I saw little Drew Barrymore in with my dad on tv and quickly became obsessed. I knew I was different. The idea that someone had purposely altered her and gave her incredible power that would put the bad guys in their place was something I fell in love with instantly. And who better than to have parents to help show you the way to using your parents for good instead of evil? Something I personally lacked.

We haven't uncovered all of Rebecca's story yet, because I don't even know myself! But the next two books are going to be full of discovery for several characters, so I hope you hang in there with me. We're about to find out how strong blood and love truly is to survive the evil that is about to be unleashed. This paranormal thriller saga has only begun, so don't get left out!

If you haven't checked out the Sophie Lee Saga yet, then be sure to check it out!


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