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The Colors of Sophie...

Colors play an important role in the Sophie Lee Saga. Especially when powers are coming into play. Being bipolar, when my anger gets away from me, to say I was a "bull seeing red" was an understatement! It was even worse when I didn't understand what triggers were, or what was even happening. I just labeled it as "evil Stormi" and knew it wasn't everything that made me who I was. It was simply a part of me I was stuck with and had no say about it.

I didn't even realize that I had unintentionally added that aspect of my life to Sophie until I was doing a podcast interview and we were talking about The Protector. Although she isn't labeled as being bipolar, she does possess many of my personal characteristics. The blood of a psychopath can definitely drive you mad, hence why she and Jess burn red when they're!

Through many years of therapy with an amazing therapist, I learned I had to find balance. I had struggled with figuring things out on my own, but now I knew what made me different. I learned not to despise it, or see it as a curse. Sometimes we can't always make ourselves balanced, though. Sometimes we need help from others. In marketing, I learned that blue unconsciously suggests calming to us. That's why a lot of companies use it in their logos. I also think of balance as the calm to my chaos. I look for people who can lower my anxiety and help ground me again. Nana's unconditional love was always calming to me, so blue seemed like the perfect color to offset the red.

When I realized that despite only having one book left to write, there just wasn't enough space to fit in all the answers that readers were asking. Hence the novellas. Only, I already knew the ending for Reign of the Raven. (It was previously the only thing I had ever seen for the book) There still needed to be an understanding as to who was controlling this wild ride everyone was on.

I will never get too in depth about any religious ideas, because I get enough of them forced down my throat these days by family members who think I'm a "lost cause". However, I will always be willing to discuss the effects of Fate/Karma and good vs evil, which is what this saga is about. Which is why you meet Fate in Fate vs Foe.

No matter your beliefs, this universe is too great to believe we're the only ones on it. Being bipolar my entire life has taught me that everyone has a little good and evil inside of them. It's simply which side you decide to tap into. Knowing my color wheel, I also know that red and blue make purple. So, I can't wait for you to see how that will come into play in these final chapters! We can't all be good 100% of the time. And sometimes we have to tap into our dark side to do what needs to be done. So, will anyone figure out how to combine the two and be purple? Guess you'll just have to stick around and find out....

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