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"A Soul as Cold as Frost" Book Review

A Soul as Cold as Frost Book Cover

         This was a slow starter for me personally, which is why I give this book a 3.5/5⭐️ . There were even a couple of times that I considered just quitting, but I'm so glad that I kept going! Although the interjections don't seem to really add much to the story, it's only once you get past the halfway mark that A Soul as Cold as Frost by Jennifer Kropf went from a book I had little desire to read to one I couldn't put down! Welcome to my book review...

          I realize Helen is a sixteen-year-old teenager, but I struggled with the fact that the very first thing she's told to do is to hide the globe and not be reckless and that's all she seems to do for the first five to six chapters. Luckily, the world and Zane held my interest enough to keep going, and I didn't regret finishing it.

          I would have liked to have gotten more information about the grandmother and her seeming to know all about what was taking place. However, the fight scene is epic and Jennifer really gets her writing grove once you give her a chance. Even the interjections fit nicely with the story past the halfway mark. So even though it was a slow read to get into, it quickly became one I couldn't wait to finish once I got over half way in. I realize it's not ideal for most, but there is another book coming and I think it shows much promise to be great out of the gate. I look forward to seeing how the story ends.

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